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Shouldn't you have your own custom perfume or cologne? A custom blended fragrance indulges you in luxury and provides the ultimate expression of individuality. You will smell amazingly unique, causing others to take notice of your style and grace.

Here at Scentcrafters we allow you the opportunity to:

  1. Choose up to 5 scents that go into your fragrance
  2. Decide on the name/logo you want printed on the bottle
  3. Decide on which Italian Glass bottle you like best
  4. Choose a color for your fragrance
  5. Get it all delivered to your doorstep in a custom silk bag

Our website makes this so simple that you can have your own specially crafted fragrance  ready to be delivered in less than 5 minutes!

New things are fun, but we also understand that they can be a little scary. You may be wondering "what if I don't make a nice smelling fragrance?" Here's what we do to take away all your worries:

All you have to do is pick your favorite scent, and then we give suggestions on what goes best with that scent (or you can ignore our suggestions and do the whole fragrance yourself). Additionally, on the page where you choose your scents, each scent has a description, often including advice on how it should be used.

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