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Customer Creations

Our customers have approached us about offering their fragrances for sale on our site. We thought that was an excellent idea! Please take a moment to look over these exquisite creations.


About Truely:
Contains: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Hibiscus, Violet, Vera Wang, and other secret ingredients!
A delight to the senses. This perfume is like a walk through a garden on a sparkling clean summer day. A very nice floral bouquet, strong but not overpowering. Also contains the exotic notes of the orient. You'll love this for everyday wear, it's long lasting and attention grabbing.

About the Creator:

Lana Grant is a married mother of three living in an Atlanta, Georgia suburb. Her whole life she's been a student of fragrances, having personally tried over 200 different bottles of perfume over the years. Working with the experts at Scentcrafters she was able to come up with her own unique and amazing perfume. She's had a lifelong dream of starting her own fragrance business, and now she's taken that dream and turned it into reality.


About Wazny:
Contains: Amber Dark, Fall Leaves, Bergamot, Armani, and other secret ingredients!
An excellent, woody, manly cologne. A great cologne for guys that want to smell very masculine. The men here at Scentcrafters have tried this cologne, and women absolutely love it. From wives, to girlfriends, to people randomly complimenting the fragrance, it's a hit with all.

About the Creator:

Tom Jacobs lives in San Diego, California and is orginally from the Midwest. He works as a marketing consultant for advertising agencies, is single, and spends most of his free time writing music. Tom had a friend who recommended Scentcrafters, so he checked out our site and decided to purchase a bottle. After receiving his bottle of cologne, he thought it had such a distinctive smell that he wanted other people to experience it!


About Forever:
Contains: Watermelon, Sweat Pea, Frangipani, Chanel #5, and other secret ingredients!
A carefree, fresh, and fun aroma. This is not your typical perfume! It was designed to be a really clean scent, with a perfect combination of flowers and fruits. The great thing about this perfume is it first presents you with a wave of fresh fruits and flowers, then has lingering notes of very slight musk and romance.

About the Creator:

Stacy Hampton lives in a small town in Wisconsin. However this small town girl has big dreams. She already owns a retail location which sells clothing and other fashion accessories. Now with the launch of Forever she is moving into the fragrance industry. We at Scentcrafters are proud to be her partners in this endeavor.


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