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**We do apologize but we are not currently accepting orders here as we focus on our other fast growing businesses, www.scentmatchers.com and www.forestglory.com


Page 1. You will decide if you want to choose the exact scents in your fragrance or provide us a general description as a guideline. If you provide a description you will skip to page 4.

Page 2. You will see a list of scents, pick your favorite scent then click "Proceed".

Page 3. Choose one of our scent recipes based on your favorite scent, or create your own. To select one of our suggested recipes click"Choose".

Page 4. Pick a name, color, and bottle for your fragrance. Also upload a picture if you like. Click "Proceed".

Page 5: This page summarizes your order and lists the price ($39.99). Click "Proceed" and you will receive your custom fragrances in the mail.

For bulk orders please e-mail orders@scentcrafters.com for special pricing. Bulk orders are perfect for birthdays, weddings, and other special events.