Scent List Description
Amber Dark Amber is known as the "king of scents" and is said to help calm the mind.
Armani Like Armani Mania, mossy, woody, masculine scent. Contains cedar, mandarin, and amber.
Burberry Like the men's cologne, very popular. Contains mint, lavender, sandalwood, cedar, and rich amber.
Cartier Like Cartier Declaration, very woodsy and masculine with a touch of fruit. Contains orange, cedar, birchwood, and oakmoss.
Cedar The classic aroma of this wonderful tree is perfectly captured, to know the scent of Cedar is to love it.
Chypre This is an excellent representation of the chypre family of fragrance. It contains light citrus top notes with base notes of oak moss and ambergris. This makes for a very nice, deep woody aroma.
Cool Water A fresh and crisp blend that opens the senses to the pure coolness of the ocean.
Dark Musk It is rich, deep and warm. Nice combination of woods and spice.
Earth Tones The salt of the earth, vetiver, oakmoss and patchouli blended with cool greens. Brings rememberances of a perfect walk through the woods.
Eternity Classic refreshing scent that is distinctly masculine with a cool, crisp edge and a warm woodsy trail.
Fall Leaves This is the owner's special, it's his favorite smell, and we couldn't go without offering it to customers. If you love the smells of fall, this scent is for you.
Hugo Boss A distinctly masculine fragrance that combines citrus and tangy apple with woody tones of sandalwood.
Jaguar Our head Scentcrafter, Arianna, insisted we get this. She loves it on men. It smells of rich spices and oriental woods. A very manly scent.
Lacoste A perfect cologne for men that like more of a subtle aroma. It lingers in the air pleasantly, so as you leave people will wish you hadn't. Contains citrus scents, clover, and sandalwood
Leather This is the smell of a new leather jacket, or new leather shoes. You either love it or hate it!
Oak Moss Oakmoss has been prized for its aroma, heavy and oriental-like at first, becoming very refined when dried, reminiscent of bark, seashore and foliage. It imparts a wet forest floor aroma in compositions resulting in a naturalness and rich earthy, damp and
Pine Pine is a wood always associated with a fresh, crisp, clean smell. A perfect addition to any cologne and many perfumes.
Polo Classified as sharp, woody, and arid. This masculine scent possesses a blend of leather, wood, tobacco, basil and oakmoss.
Red The smell of leather, spice, and the woods all rolled into one. Very masculine scent.
Versace Like the men's cologne, citrus accents